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Prize Money

Winner's Prize (IDR)

(Male and Female)
Class Podium 1 Podium 2 Podium 3 Podium 4 Podium 5

Full Marathon


                 189,000,000   136,500,000     89,250,000    


                 115,500,000     73,500,000     42,000,000        28,875,000     22,050,000

Masters National (40+)

                    14,700,000     13,125,000     11,025,000    

Half Marathon


                    78,750,000     39,900,000     24,150,000    


                    26,250,000     19,950,000     14,700,000        11,550,000       7,350,000

Masters National (40+)

                      6,825,000        5,250,000        3,675,000    



                    25,200,000     14,700,000        9,975,000    


                    11,550,000        9,450,000        6,825,000          4,725,000       3,412,500

Masters National (40+)

                      3,150,000        2,625,000        1,890,000    



                      5,000,000        3,500,000        2,500,000          2,000,000       1,750,000

Children A (5-12)

Open and National

                      1,000,000           750,000           550,000             350,000          250,000

Children B (<5)

Open and National

                         500,000           400,000           300,000             250,000          200,000



  1. Winner time will be determined by Gun Time.
  2. Prizes will be given for winner in both Male and Female participants in each category.
  3. Only winner of the Full Marathon, Half Marathon and 10km will be entitled to compete for awards/prize. The Prize is subject to tax in accordance with the applicable laws.
  4. For prize winners, or potential prize winners, disputes and appeals must be made at the finish line within 30 minutes of the published results on the results board on-site or immediately after the prize presentation, whichever is earlier.
  5. The Organizer may perform drug test to the participants as per Indonesia Athletic Federation. All prize money to the winner is subject to the completion of doping test if required by the Organizer. The Organizer is allowed to hold 50% of the prize money of a runner who is required to perform drug test. The remaining prize money will be given 10 business days after the issuance of the drug test by PASI. Winner must return the prize money if he/she fail to satisfy the doping test and his/her title will be revoked.
  6. Prize money will be given in Indonesia Rupiah currency.
  7. Winner and prize money will be based on gun-time (not net-time).
  8. A winner shall only be entitled to win in one category/class. Should a runner win in more than one class, such winner will be given 1 prize money (the highest prize money).
  9. Prize for the Open Class can be given to Non-Indonesian or Indonesian or Indonesian with age of 40 years old or older. Prize for the Indonesian Class can be given to Indonesian or Indonesian with age of 40 years old or older. Prize for the Master Class can only be given to Indonesian with age of 40 years old or older.


Finishing Time Total Bonus (IDR)
Time bonus < 2:05:00 AM             202,500,000.00
02:05:00 - 02:09:59             135,000,000.00
02:10:00 - 02:15:00               67,500,000.00
Course Records               67,500,000.00

Record Breaking Bonus: bonus will be given to winners who can break current Maybank Bali Marathon Full Marathon record. Current Maybank Bali Marathon record is 02:16:54. Only 1 (one) winner will be given for record breaking bonus (fastest gun time).

Finishing Time Bonus: bonus will be given to participant who can finish Full Marathon with finish time:

  1. Bonus category 1: below 02:05:00: Rp. 202,500,000
  2. Bonus category 2: between 02:05:00 – 02:09:59: Rp. 135,000,000
  3. Bonus category 3: between 02:10:00 – 02:14:59: Rp. 67,500,000

Only 1 (one) winner will be given for each bonus category with fastest gun time in each bonus category.