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Race Pack Collection & Expo

Schedule & Race Categories

Description: Schedule & Race Categories




Festival Features

Description: Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage
We bring you some of Bali's favorite local cuisines, such as carbo loading by Taman Bhagawan ,Warung Wardhani, Massimo Gelato, Pia Legong, Pie Susu Enak and more!

Description: Weaving

Want to have something traditional from your trip in Bali? Get to know our Maybank Women Eco Weavers! Touch and feel the essence of our cultural identity.

Description: Zumba by Fitness First

Zumba by Fitness First
Need to warm up your muscle before the race? Don’t worry! We will be having light Zumba classes by Fitness First at the Beach Side Festival.

Description: Beach Massage

Beach Massage
Pamper your muscle while enjoying the SEA-neries! Come to our massage corner and spoil your body.

The Venue


Selection of local delicacies    


Warung Wardhani

Ice cream sore sore

Ayam betutu pak man

Bakso Aroma

WR Kang Zanger

Bali Daily

Kopi Gangga

Puri Pangan

Sate ikan pantai segara

Paletas Wey

Dee Bali Food

Arem arem semarang

Ice cream sore sore

Bali Daily

Snack corner 
(Pia legong, pie susu enak,bika ambon bali, baliku jamur, Pia Tata,Barometer café, Kacang Tari Bali, Dewata oleh2)

Must Bring
Description: Must Bring

*Please, don’t forget to bring your Regristration Email and ID card
*Activity & merchants subject to change without any prior notice 

Race Run Down

(local time GMT+8)
Description Venue
02:00 AM Shuttle bus departure from pick up point (please see detail information on departure time from each point)  
03:30 AM Race site open
Bag drop tent open
Race Central
04:00 AM Start pen for Full Marathon race is open Start-Finish Area
04:30 AM Warm up dari Fitness First Start-Finish Area
04:40 AM National Anthem Start-Finish Area
04:45 AM Reading of rules, regulations and reminders Start-Finish Area
04:50 AM Short welcoming speech by Bali Governor (3 minutes) Start-Finish Area
05:00 AM Flag off for Full Marathon Start-Finish Area
05:15 AM Warm up dari Fitness First Start-Finish Area
05:30 AM Flag off for Half Marathon Start-Finish Area
05:45 AM Flag off for Wheelchair Start-Finish Area
06:00 AM Flag off for 10K Start-Finish Area
06:15 AM First wheelchair finisher (est) Start-Finish Area
06:35 AM First 10K finisher (est) Start-Finish Area
06:41 AM First Half Marathon finisher (est) Start-Finish Area
07:15 AM First Full Marathon finisher (est) Start-Finish Area
08:30 AM Children sprint 400m and 100m Start-Finish Area
09:00 AM Shuttle bus return to original pick up point (1st wave) Start-Finish Area
09:00 AM Prize presentatation Children Sprint Race Central Area
09:15 AM Prize presentatation Wheelchair Race Central Area
09:30 AM Prize presentatation FM, HM, 10K
(Only for Open and National categories, and winners number 1 to 3)
Race Central Area
10:15 AM Press Conference Race Central Area
11:00 AM Shuttle bus return to original pick up point (2nd wave) Start-Finish Area
12:00 AM Race cut-off time, roads outside of Ida Bagus Mantre are reopened Start-Finish Area
13:00 PM Race ends, Ida Bagus Mantre road is reopened Race Central Area
13:30 PM Bag drop tent closed  
13:30 PM Shuttle bus return to original pick up point (3rd wave) Start-Finish Area